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Focal Plane : A journal for photography educators and students


In July 2017, I launched Focal Plane journal. This peer-reviewed quarterly printed journal is dedicated to recognizing photography teachers for their superior work both in and outside the classroom, as well as to the publishing of work by undergraduate and high school students. Submissions are not accepted to Focal Plane, but instead faculty are nominated by their peers. These teachers receive a feature on their work and in turn write an article on a deserving student and one on a teaching experience. Focal Plane is distribution is through art departments, libraries, camera shops, and local bookstores. Direct sales and subscriptions are available through the website,, along with subscription sales through EBSCO Information Services and WT Cox Information Services.

Professional Work

AGrow Life, agricultural consulting company, product shoot.



Vivian Howard of PBS's "A Chef's Life," for Wilson Woman magazine.


Kimberly and Jeremy Law, owners of SOCO Farm and Food.


"Nutcracker Ballet" presented by Toe 2 Toe Dance and Dong's Martial Arts, Edna E. Boykin Center, Wilson, NC.

Ten Years East, 2017

Ten Years East is a collection of photographs spanning a decade living in Eastern North Carolina. These images explore how the idea of "place," along with regional ideologies, inform the ways in which artists view the world. The monograph contains sixty photographs, and is accompanied by an introductory essay falong with an excerpt from The People, Place, and Space Reader, by Jen Jack Gieseking, William Mangold, Cindi Katz, Setha Low, and Susan Saegert.

Winner of two Society of Publication Designers merit awards


Collage illustrations completed for UCLA Magazine's feature story on the UCLA Alumni Travel Program were recognized by merit awards in the cover design and opening spread categories at the 52 Annual Society of Publication Designer’s awards banquet in March. Examples of all work done for UCLA can be seen on their website at

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