Handmade Books


In 1998 I had the pleasure of studying book arts and papermaking in Italy. This study abroad experience came near the end of my undergraduate degree and through the medium of book binding I felt that all 2 and 3 dimensional design theories could be bound up in one physical form. Many of the books made during this program were sold or given as gifts, even before proper documentation could be made. Hair Reliquary is the only book from this time period, that is still in my posession. Since then I have made but only a few books a year. None-the-less I have gone on to extensively study Japanese book binding techniques and have conducted several workshops and a college course on traditional methods.
My handmade book aesthetic is centered around small, more intimately scalled productions. Most of these books are inspired in-part by the material itself. Often, their visual structure is the result of instantaneous conceptualization. I hate to say it, for it is quite the cliche, but often, "the material speaks to me." A better way to phrase this is I draw heavily from intuition and usually a found object seems appropriate for inclusion in a particular book form.