Other Photographs


Device Driven Image Making

When addressing the medium of photography, my mode of working is grounded somewhere between being a collector and an inventor. Having been trained in sculpture, drawing and painting I begrudgingly picked up a camera for the first time, but immediately became enchanted with it once I did. Initially my work was primarily comprised of photo-collages, this being more directly related to my previous efforts in drawing and painting. However, the process of photography soon took over as my primary mode of production. These earlier efforts centered around the psychology of perception as perceived through the device of the camera. In the series Journey to Now, completed in 1998-99, I was exploring the manner in which the camera becomes an artifice for seeing. My subsequent work with hand-built cameras is directly related to these original studies.

While working in the commercial photograph industry in Atlanta, GA, I conducted numerous experiments with camera building, coupled with the use of various film formats and processing methods. This led to the work included in Echoes of Memory, Remnants of Dreams, as well as other bodies of images. Then, when enrolled in the graduate program at Tulane University, I began to use the scanner as an alternative device for capturing an image. The series Of Produce and Perception represents my initial foyer into making photographs in this manner. Subsequent series have continued to use this technology.

All the while engaged in these non-traditional photography methods, I have continued to explore the world with a camera in hand. Having lived in a variety of places and traveled to even more greatly diverse realms, my photographs are a visual diary. To paraphrase the photographer Harry Callahan, 'I have not necessarily set out to make great photographs, but to live a great life, taking pictures along the way.' At times I feel more drawn to the camera and act of photographing than to the image itself. In truth I make thousands of images in a given year, sometimes sorting them into like categories of style or apprehension, while the remainder simply go into a file called "other photos." The images included on this page are some of the "others." They are observations from my wanderings, not belonging to any dedicated project, but slowly becoming a collection all their own.